Boston, USA
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Hi! I'm Stephanie Murphy,
Voice Actor.

Warm, conversational American female voice,
specializing in medical and scientific voiceover.

Let my voice bring your words to life.

Are you...


What type of voiceover are you looking for?


Explainer videos, product videos, demo videos, screencast videos, and more! 

I can communicate your message in a real and genuine way – making a connection with the viewer (your customer!) Matching timing to an existing scratch track or video is no problem. Delivery within 2 working days.

Video producers – ask me to join your voice talent roster.

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I am an experienced narrator of fiction and nonfiction, with around 100 titles on Audible! I am looking for successful authors who want to bring their book’s message or story to life in audio…  

Favorite genres include…
Nonfiction: science, self help, cryptocurrency
Fiction: romance, especially lesbian romance or lesfic! 

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A voice actor with a background in medicine – a former MD/PhD candidate, with a PhD in Biochemistry – Stephanie Murphy knows the language of life.

Communicating how the body works in normal and disease states to patients and health professionals… in a clear, trustworthy and comforting way.

Stephanie’s clients LOVE how she can speak “medicalese” with ease!


Phone Greetings, Messages on Hold, IVR

“Hi it’s me Dave, returning your call… but first of all I need to know who that lady is who answers your phone!”actual voicemail received by a client

If customers are calling your business on the phone, you need an outstanding phone greeting to help your business put it’s best foot forward.

Some customers may be calling because they feel confused or upset. A comforting, professional, and friendly phone greeting can make all the difference! 

Phone greetings available – with on hold music, if you request!

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Podcast Intro/Outro

Your intro sets the tone for your podcast. Get an unforgettable one to wow listeners and support your host’s uniqueness!

Stuck on writing an intro/outro for your podcast? Click for help!

Need podcast ads produced?  Need a host for hire? You’re covered.

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With so many different companies vying for customers’ attention, you need a voice that stands out to get your message across!


Stephanie Murphy’s voice is perfect for soothing applications such as guided meditation and yoga. The right voice makes all the difference in creating that feeling of mindful presence. Ahhh….



Excited to hear more about your project!


Hi! I’m Stephanie Murphy, PhD, Voice Actor.

I’ve been a full time voice actor since 2013 and I love bringing my clients’ projects to life with my voice. My specialties are medical voiceover and audiobooks!  Read more…

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