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Video Voiceover FAQ

Stephanie Murphy, Voice Actor

FAQ about working with Stephanie Murphy, Voice Actor on Video Voiceover

Information for Video Producers

Stephanie Murphy, Voice Actor

I have voiced hundreds of explainer videos about tech, B2B solutions, non-profit and educational messages, PSA, internal corporate videos, screencast videos, medical videos about treatments and patient education, kickstarter videos, videos for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. I voice animated videos as well as non animated, and can match timings to an existing animation.

I am an American English-speaking female voice actor. My voice age is 30s. I have a warm, lower-register vocal quality and an engaging, storytelling delivery. My goal in video narration is to communicate the short narrative or message in the video, in a way that makes a true connection with the video viewer and creates an unforgettable impression!

I’m available for new video narration projects! Here is some more information for video producers about working with me…



Q: Where can I hear your demos?

A: Here!

If you’ve heard my demos and are already familiar with the video production process, you just want to ask me to voice your video right now – here’s where you can skip right to getting in touch with me!


Q: Can you match timings to an existing animation?

A: Yes.

Please let me know that you want timings matched and send me the existing animation and the scratch track or current VO.


Q: What are your rates?

A: Video voiceover rates…

Please keep in mind, in any project I will deliver value for you that is more than the rate you pay.

Video voiceover under 1200 words: $100 setup fee per project plus $125 per finished minute.

Over 1200 words: Please inquire.

Example pricing for common projects:

  • 1-minute video: $225.
  • 2-minute video: $300.
  • 3-minute video: $475.

Directed recording session: Please inquire to check availability and see description of directed recording offerings below. $350 project minimum for directed session.

*Some projects may be eligible for (lower) educational and non-profit rates. Please inquire.

*Some longer projects may be eligible for eLearning pricing.

*Projects that require rush (same day) delivery are subject to a rush fee of +20%. Please inquire about availability if you have a proposed rush project.

Please inquire for a quote on your project.



Q: Will you submit an audition for my project?

A: Sure! Here’s how to request an audition read.

  1. Please make sure you’ve heard my demos and think I could be a good fit for your project.
  2. Do my rates fit with your budget for VO?
  3. Please contact me with a sample of your script, and I will return a custom audition to you within 2 working days or sooner.


Q: What are your turnaround times?

A: For videos 3 minutes or less in finished length, I can generally deliver a voiceover file within 2 working days of receiving the script.

For longer videos, 2 – 3 days. Directed recording session is an exception – files are delivered immediately after the recording session.

Please inquire for the most accurate information about availability and turnaround time.


Q: What are your revision policies?

A: After you receive the voiceover and have a chance to review, any revisions that may be needed due to my errors are provided at no charge. Any revisions due to script changes are billed at the same rate as the original project.

Revisions are generally delivered within 1 day of receiving the revision request, or in some cases, the same day.


Q: Are you available for a directed recording session?

A: Yes, I am available for directed sessions.

My studio has phone patch, conference call, Skype, Zoom, or other conference app capability. No ISDN capability. Session minimum of $350.

I am located in Eastern US time zone and have limited availability for directed sessions on most weekdays. Please inquire to check availability.

Typically the director takes notes on the best takes during the session.

Unedited, raw (unmastered) audio files are delivered immediately after the session. Mastered, unedited files also available. Edited and mastered files are available for a small additional charge.

Please inquire for a quote on your project, and be sure to mention that you want a directed session.



Q: I have a script, but no video yet. How can I tell how long my video will be?

A: Use the word count of your script to get a ballpark estimate.

Approximately 150 words is 1 finished minute of audio. Actual length may vary. Rates are based on the actual final length of the voiceover. So, for example, if you tell me you have a 2-minute video script and the voiceover comes out to 3 minutes, you will be charged for a 3-minute video voiceover.



Q: I work with a video production company. Will you join our voice talent roster?

A: Maybe! Here’s how.

If you’ve heard my demos and think I would be a good fit for your voiceover talent roster, and your typical project VO budget approximately matches my rates, please contact me to inquire about joining your voiceover talent roster. Please include a link to your website or portfolio.



Q: Stephanie, I think your voice would be perfect for my video project. What now?

A: Great! Please get in touch with me and tell me more about your project. I look forward to hearing from you!


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