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Phone Voiceover

Stephanie Murphy, Voice Actor

Voiceover for Phone Greeting | Message On Hold | IVR | Voicemail


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Let’s start with demos! Here an example of what your phone greeting could sound like. These are real phone greetings done for clients.

General phone greeting (this one is for a childcare provider.)


Messages On Hold for a dental office.

What will you receive?

☑️ A professional voiceover to answer your phone.

• Recorded by professional Voice Actor Stephanie Murphy, PhD in her pro quality studio.

☑️ A finished, edited and mastered audio file, ready to use in your phone system

• True to script

• Free of mistakes, outtakes, breaths, distracting sounds

• In the audio format of your choice

☑️ Usage in perpetuity.

• Use it in your phone system for as long as you wish

• With the option to update the voiceover in the future if your information changes.


Can you do phone voiceover in other languages besides English?

Yes. I can speak Spanish and German well enough to say simple phrases like “press 1 to change to this language,” in that language. I can learn to say a short phrase in almost any language. A full bilingual phone greeting is beyond my scope at this time, so it’s mainly English.


How do you handle pronouncing people’s names?

If a phone script calls for introducing people by name, I usually like to ask for a pronunciation guide. I strive to pronounce all names the way that individual wants it pronounced. And if I make a mistake, I correct it for free. See my revision policy.


What’s your turnaround time?

For most phone scripts – within 48 hours of receiving the script (excluding weekends.)


What’s your revision policy?

• Any errors in pronunciation will be always be corrected at no additional cost.

• Any errors in quality –

  ◦ for example, outtakes left in

  ◦ audio glitches

  ◦ difficult to understand words

will be corrected at no additional cost.

• If you aren’t happy with the pacing or delivery of the voiceover –

  ◦ for example, it needs to be exactly 2 minutes long and it wasn’t

  ◦ or, you wanted the voiceover to sound like a specific demo you heard or a reference video you provided, and it doesn’t match

One additional take will be provided at no extra cost after we clarify what you’re looking for.

• If you’d like to change any part of the script after you’ve sent me the script to record and I’ve delivered the recording –

  ◦ there will be additional charges.

  ◦ The charges will apply only to the parts of the voiceover that need to be changed due to script changes

  ◦ at the same rate as the original project

  ◦ with a $100 minimum.

  ◦ It makes the most sense to get your script finalized before sending it to be recorded!

  ◦ Consider doing a read-through to get a feel for how it sounds before having the script recorded.


What’s the process for ordering a voiceover? What are the next steps?

  1.  If you’re ordering here through my website, after checkout, you’ll receive an email request for your finalized script. If your script isn’t finalized yet, that’s OK! You can still complete checkout now and send in your script when it’s ready.
  2. When your script is received, you’ll get an email notification.
  3. Payment – If you put down a deposit, you’ll get a notification of the rest of your balance due.  If you paid in full, great! You’re all set.
  4. When your voiceover is ready, you’ll receive it by email delivery. You’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback and request any changes that may be needed.
  5. If no changes are necessary, that’s it! We’re all done. If changes are requested, we’ll work to get the voiceover in shape and ready for you to use in your project.


Questions? You can always email me at VO at SMVoice dot info – Thank you so much!

✰ I look forward to helping you bring your next audio project to life! ✰


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