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Stephanie Murphy, Voice Actor

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Sample Podcast Intro and Outro Script

Open-Source Script Templates for Podcast Intro and Outro Are you starting a podcast, and want to give it a professional sound? A professionally produced podcast intro and outro is a great place to start, and can really make your show stand out from the crowded field of other podcasts. But what are the secrets of…
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Sample Phone Greeting Scripts

Many customers are looking for generic scripts for their phone greeting. I hope these will help you get started! Phone template for after-hours paging and urgent situations: During normal hours: Thank you for calling [Name of business]. If you are experiencing an emergency [ex. service outage, need medical attention], please [action: dial number, stay on the…
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About Stephanie

Hi, and thanks for being here! I’m Stephanie Murphy, PhD. I’ve been a full time voice actor since 2013 and I love bringing my clients’ projects to life with my voice. I have so much fun doing this, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn something new from each and every script. If you…
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