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Stephanie Murphy, Voice Actor

Featured Project: Weighted Blankets

  I recently narrated a series of videos about Bearaby Weighted Blankets. This was such a cool project because personally, I’m a huge fan of weighted blankets. I also think my voice sound was a great match for this project. Very warm, soft, and comforting – makes you want to curl up with one, ahhh!…
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A Woman Lost by TB Markinson, read by Stephanie Murphy

Audiobook Giveaway! A Woman Lost series by T.B. Markinson

My author friend T.B. Markinson is generously giving away FREE copies of all of the audiobooks in the A Woman Lost series, narrated by me! Get them while supplies last. If you like complex, loveable and relatable queer characters, with plenty of laugh-out-loud funny scenes and family drama thrown in the mix, you should definitely…
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Sample Phone Greeting Scripts

Do you ever wish you could find a template for your business phone greeting? One where you can drop in the name of your company, relevant information, and get it recorded fast? Hi, I’m Stephanie Murphy, PhD. I’m a professional voice actor, and during my career I’ve voiced thousands of voicemail greetings. My voice is…
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Sample Podcast Intro and Outro Script

Open-Source Script Templates for Podcast Intro and Outro Are you starting a podcast, and want to give it a professional sound? A professionally produced podcast intro and outro is a great place to start, and can really make your show stand out from the crowded field of other podcasts. But what are the secrets of…
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About Stephanie

Hi, and thanks for being here! I’m Stephanie Murphy, PhD. I’ve been a full time voice actor since 2013 and I love bringing my clients’ projects to life with my voice. I have so much fun doing this, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn something new from each and every script. If you…
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