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Sample Podcast Intro and Outro Script

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Sample Podcast Intro and Outro Script

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If you’re stuck and not sure how to write an intro/outro for your podcast, here is some help to get you going!
Intro (10 – 30 seconds):
Welcome to [Name of the podcast]!
A podcast about [pithy description of your show or a tagline.]
[One sentence that goes more in depth about what the podcast covers. For example, something like “Each week, we explore current applications of Holocracy and self-organization principles in the real world.”]
Now here’s your host, [name, ex. “Joe Shmoe!”]
   *Alternatively, the intro could be a skit, see the Free Cities Podcast for an example.
   *Another alternative is just an ultra-short, “You’re listening to the [Name of your podcast] Podcast, with your host, [Host]!”
Outro (30 seconds – 1:30):
Thanks for joining us this week on [name of the podcast!]
[Calls to action.]  For example:
“Make sure to visit our website, [name of your website], where you can subscribe to the show in iTunes, Stitcher, or via RSS so you’ll never miss a show. While you’re at it, if you found value in this show we’d appreciate a rating on iTunes – or if you’d simply tell a friend about the show, that would help us out too. If you liked this show you might want to check out our eBook, [title of the book]. [Host] is available for private coaching.” etc. etc.
   *Pick one or two of your most important calls to action for the outro. If you have more than two to spotlight, it may be appropriate to make a middle bumper that goes in a break in the middle of the show prompting listeners to subscribe, rate/review your podcast, buy your book or product, etc. 
Be sure to tune in next week [or however often the podcast is released] for our next episode.
   *The signoff could be your tagline again, or something else cute, short, and memorable. 
There are so many possibilities of what your podcast intro/outro/bumpers could sound like, it’s really up to you and there is no right or wrong, it should just match the overall tone of your podcast and set the expectation for what the listener is going to get when they listen to your show.
I would suggest listening to some other podcasts that you like to get ideas about how to create your podcast intro and outro.
Good luck! And remember to contact me if you want to work with me on your podcast intro.


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  1. Thank you so much for this knowledge! I’ve been in Radio broadcasting, production, and VO (local spots when I was a Production Assistant). I instruct Imaging and really appreciate this article. I love imaging and am always looking for new ways to get the message across – also, it’s new information for myself! I appreciate this so much! You’re great. I work at a Broadcast School right now, and have many aspiring production and VO students and grads!

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